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Hello Everyone, this page is dedicated to activities which are happening in HASK. 

UK Martial Arts show 2024

Another Year attending UK Martial Arts show in Doncaster. 2 Days of trainings, new connections, laughter, hard work and celebration. Bank holiday weekend started and it finished so quickly, and yet we so so eager to go back next year to have more. Our students had opportunities to learn from world masters and teachers, knowledge bank was huge, but session were limited to 45min-1hr, which felt you just tapping into the new skills and you have to rush to another session with another Grand Master. HASK students trained with Scott Matthews (Kickboxing) , Sifu Samuel Kwon (Wing Chun), Renshi Trevor Stewart (Jujistu), Master Tony Baker (Karate Jitsu), Master Alfie Lewis, Master Sken (Muay Thai), Master Mark Stas (from Belgium), Master Martin Silitoe (Escrima Sticks) and so many more. Had some amazing sessions with  American Movie stars: Cynthia Rothrock, Don "Dragon" Wilson and Bill Wallace and met Gladiotor Cobra. 

There was one new thing this year for HASK Club...we were teaching as well! This was a first time doing it, but Daren Stirrat was superb. People form other Karate clubs joined in and were learning new things. You are able to watch LIVE Video Recordings on our Facebook Page , click down below:

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Even though 2 days were packed with so much, HASK team also attended evening part as our students were nominated for "Top Instructor", "Ambassador Award", Top Martial Artist Award" HALL OF FAME. 

Our club Renshi Daren Stirrat received "SUPERSTAR AWARD"

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated! Oss

21/04/24 - Special Guest at HASK 

HASK had a special guest. Grand Master Gary Gregory, who took over HASK training session to teach Muay Thai - Thailand Martial Art. 

Students  warmed up with Bung Madt (make the fist),  Pan Khearn (bind the arm),  Pan Madt (bind the fist)

Then they started to dive into the knowledge of Muay Thai. 

Various techniques with punches, elbows, kicks, knees. How to block, protect and attack. How to allign your body and bones for better punches which helps body and protects it at the same time. 

Following techniques learnt: Yang Sang Khum (3 step walk), Khun Yak Jab Ling (Giant chasing the monkey).  4 strike/defence similar a kata to learn to train together: Madt (fist) Sawk (Elbow) Kao (Knee) Teep (Foot thrust) Dteh (Swing kick) Dtoi Muay (Boxing)

Students learned of wrestling called: Muay Plam

Grand Master Gary also brought his collection of Weapons (Krabi Krabong), one of them was a Muay Thai Warrior Sword, which had engravings. 

Students are really happy with development of new skills and grateful to Grandmaster Gary Gregory. 

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